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Stipe Miocic’s Devastating Knockouts

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Stipe Miocic’s Devastating Knockouts


Devastating Knockouts

Stipe Miocic, the Croatian-American mixed martial artist, has earned a fearsome reputation in the world of combat sports for his devastating knockout power. As a former UFC Heavyweight Champion, Miocic has showcased his striking prowess and knockout ability against some of the toughest opponents in the sport. In this article, we will delve into some of Stipe Miocic’s most devastating knockouts that have solidified his status as one of the most dangerous heavyweights in MMA.

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Overpowering Alistair Overeem

In a thrilling fight at UFC 203 in 2016, Stipe Miocic faced the seasoned striker Alistair Overeem. The bout was intense, with both fighters exchanging heavy blows. However, it was Miocic’s resilience and knockout power that proved to be the difference-maker. In the first round, Miocic landed a crushing right hand that sent Overeem crashing to the canvas, earning Miocic a spectacular knockout victory.

Demolishing Fabricio Werdum

At UFC 198 in 2016, Stipe Miocic faced the then-UFC Heavyweight Champion Fabricio Werdum in his hometown of Curitiba, Brazil. Many believed Werdum’s jiu-jitsu skills would pose a significant challenge to Miocic’s striking. However, in a stunning turn of events, Miocic showcased his power and precision. In the first round, he countered Werdum’s aggressive charge with a short right hand that instantly knocked out the champion, making Miocic the new UFC Heavyweight Champion.

Rematch with Junior dos Santos

At UFC 211 in 2017, Miocic faced off against former UFC Heavyweight Champion Junior dos Santos again, showcasing his improvement as a competitor. Miocic demonstrated his better striking and unrelenting pressure in a five-round battle. He startled dos Santos with a sequence of punches in the opening round then finished the fight with a vicious barrage of blows in the second, securing a commanding TKO victory.

Cormier Trilogy and Retaining the Title

Miocic’s trilogy with Daniel Cormier further cemented his reputation as a knockout artist. In their third encounter at UFC 252 in 2020, Miocic faced adversity but showcased his heart and resilience. In the fourth round, he adjusted his strategy and began targeting Cormier’s body with powerful shots. The relentless body shots took a toll on Cormier, and Miocic ultimately secured a TKO victory, successfully defending his UFC Heavyweight Championship.

The Knockout King

Stipe Miocic’s knockout victories have earned him the moniker “The Knockout King.” His ability to deliver devastating blows with both hands and his precise striking make him a formidable opponent in the heavyweight division. Miocic’s knockout power, combined with his wrestling and well-rounded skills, has made him a force to be reckoned with in the world of MMA.


Stipe Miocic’s devastating knockouts have been a testament to his skill, power, and mental fortitude as a fighter. His ability to finish fights with a single punch has struck fear in the hearts of his opponents. As one of the most accomplished heavyweights in UFC history, Miocic’s knockout victories have solidified his legacy as one of the all-time greats in the sport of mixed martial arts.

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