Babar Azam’s Last 10 ODI Innings: A Display of Consistency and Brilliance

Babar Azam Last 10 ODI Innings: A Display of Consistency and Brilliance

Babar Azam, the Pakistani cricket sensation, has been captivating the cricketing world with his elegant batting style and exceptional performances. In this article, we delve into a detailed analysis of Babar Azam’s last 10 One Day International (ODI) innings, highlighting his consistent contributions, adaptability, and unwavering brilliance on the field.

Innings Overview:


Match Date Opponent Venue Runs
90 16/08/2022 Netherlands Hazelaarweg, Netherlands 74
91 18/08/2022 Netherlands Hazelaarweg, Netherlands 57
92 21/08/2022 Netherlands Hazelaarweg, Netherlands 91
93 09/01/2023 New Zealand National Stadium (Karachi) 66
94 11/01/2023 New Zealand National Stadium (Karachi) 79
95 13/01/2023 New Zealand National Stadium (Karachi) 4
96 27/04/2023 New Zealand Rawalpindi Cricket Stadium 49
97 29/04/2023 New Zealand Rawalpindi Cricket Stadium 65
98 03/05/2023 New Zealand National Stadium (Karachi) 54
99 05/05/2023 New Zealand National Stadium (Karachi) 107
100 07/05/2023 New Zealand National Stadium (Karachi) 1

Consistency Shines Through:

Babar Azam’s last 10 ODI innings stand as a testament to his unwavering consistency. With an impressive batting average hovering around 59, Azam has consistently contributed to Pakistan’s scoreboard. His innings are marked not only by the runs he scores but also by his ability to anchor the innings and build partnerships with his teammates.

Adaptability and Versatility:

One of Azam’s standout qualities is his adaptability to different match situations. Whether it’s playing an anchor role or accelerating the run rate, he has showcased his versatility. Notable innings, such as his commanding 91 against the Netherlands and his swift 107 against New Zealand, reflect his capability to adjust his gameplay as per the team’s requirements.

Setting the Stage:

Azam’s ability to set the stage for larger totals is evident from his performances. His innings of 79 and 66 against New Zealand underscore his contribution in building a solid foundation for the team. Even in instances where the runs may have been fewer, his presence at the crease has often been pivotal in steering the innings forward.

Youthful Brilliance:

Remarkably, Azam achieved these milestones at a relatively young age. With an average age of around 28 years during these innings, he has already cemented his position as a cricketing prodigy. His potential for growth and further achievements in the realm of international cricket remains promising.

What Sets Babar Azam Apart?

Babar azam last 10 odi innings

Consistency in Performance

Babar Azam’s ability to consistently deliver outstanding performances has catapulted him into the league of cricketing legends. In each of his last 10 ODI innings, he has showcased remarkable consistency in scoring and contributing significantly to his team’s success.

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Technique and Skill

Babar Azam’s impeccable technique and mastery over cricketing skills are evident in the way he handles various bowlers and match situations. His balance, footwork, and timing are unparalleled, allowing him to dominate the pitch regardless of the conditions.

Captivating the Fans

Beyond his impressive stats, Babar Azam has a unique flair that captivates fans around the world. His elegant strokes and strategic gameplay not only contribute to his team’s victories but also provide cricket enthusiasts with moments to remember.

The Road Ahead

As Babar Azam continues to evolve as a cricketer, his last 10 ODI innings serve as a testament to his dedication and potential for even greater achievements. Fans eagerly await his next innings, anticipating more records broken and memorable moments created.


Babar Azam last 10 ODI innings depict a narrative of dedication, consistency, and adaptability. As he continues to mesmerize cricket enthusiasts worldwide, his performances serve as a source of inspiration for budding cricketers and a testament to his remarkable talent. With each innings, Azam cements his legacy as a cricketing maestro, leaving fans eagerly awaiting his next spectacular display on the field.


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